The dress

“A wedding gown should not just be worn, it should be experienced.”

I saw this quote in a magazine and it’s been my mantra ever since.  The dress sets the stage for the entire event!  It has to be a once in a lifetime, like nothing you’ve ever seen, sort of ensemble.  Now, don’t worry, all you traditionally superstitious readers –  the pic shown above is not my dress.  I wouldn’t post something like that for all to see before the big day – how gauche!  It is, however, a peek into my day of doing what most girls dream of doing from the time she starts playing dress up with Barbie til the day she gets engaged.

Some girls know exactly what they want.  I, on the other hand, had no idea what kind of dress I would choose.  However, I did know where to get it.  This may come as quite a shock but both of my sisters and I are getting married all within one year.  Crazy!  One good thing about being the last one of us to get hitched is that the other two already put in the legwork for finding a great dress shop.  So for me, it was easy.  My first and only stop during this hunt was at a local boutique called Jaclyn’s Bridal.  The owner, Mindee, was so welcoming and so accommodating.  I had the whole place all to myself, along with a small entourage including mom, sisters, and a couple of my closest friends (with impeccable taste when it comes to fashion).

It was kind of surreal.  Standing in the dressing room at one point, I paused for a moment and gazed at the masses of lace, tulle and satin realizing that I would be walking down the isle in one of the items dangling before my very eyes.  Wow!  Just let that settle for a minute.  Not to mention, it will be forever remembered in pictures.  It had to be perfect.  After trying them all, there was one dress I couldn’t stop thinking about.  It was THE dress.  Mindee worked out a special deal for me that I couldn’t resist and with that, I said farewell until August when I’ll go back in for a fitting.  It was as simple as that.  Not the case for every bride, I know, but for me it was so fun and so easy!

Now to find the perfect veil!  xo Alanna