Creating an Entourage

Wedding planning is all about making decisions.  All the who, what, when, where, and why.  And it’s not like you can just throw it all together willy-nilly.  This day is a day that everyone remembers, for better or for worse (trust me, I’m an experienced wedding critic myself).  It’s a huge balancing act between what matters most and all those little details that can drive you to insanity if you don’t have help.

One of our recent decisions was to choose who would stand up with us on our wedding day.  Justin and I had toyed with the idea of it just being us and foregoing a traditional bridal party.  I was the one who originally put that thought into our heads but recently I had a change of heart.  I’ve been realizing the importance of having a support group that can share in this experience.  People who I love and that have my best interests in mind.  So after talking with Justin the other night and deciding to go for it, I knew right away who I wanted to include on my side of this entourage.

Rather than calling each of my girls on the phone, I decided to make things a little more personal.  I pulled out my paints and brushes.  An hour or so later, I had handmade cards and wrote a little note telling them how important they are to me.  They each have unique personality traits and qualities I admire.  Things that could help me during this time of preparing for becoming a wife.  Plus, I’ve known each one of them for ten years, fifteen years, and beyond – tried and true, trusted women who have already shared in so many memories with me.  It was an invitation to participate with me in this next phase of life.  Being in someone’s wedding is a big deal.  To all you future bridesmaids: you aren’t just there to be some sweet eye candy during the ceremony – although, mine will be, and that’s an added plus!  It’s an opportunity to share a new experience with a close friend and help in the way only you can.  Okay, stepping off soap box now.  I met up with each friend individually to give them their card and each one accepted with excitement.  In fact, they were so excited that in less than 24 hours one of them had already found the perfect dress for all four to wear.  What can I say, I know how to pick ’em!

So the planning continues…we’re making major progress.  I sat down with a pile of books and checked things off my lists the other day.  Boy, does that feel good!  Yes, I am a bride with a binder.  I’ll admit it.  Ok, fine, I even thumb through a wedding magazine now and then.  Ummm, hello, I am a BRIDE after all.  Besides, it’s my one shot at experiencing all this stuff so I might as well dabble in a bit of everything…for posterity, if nothing else ;)  xo Alanna