Rock N’ Roll

So I received a text last month from my ever so hip and fabulous photographer, Erin, and she sent the happy news that we were going to be featured in an equally hip and fabulous wedding blog. I know those terms don’t usually go together when referring to wedding related things but, hey, the times they are a changin’. If you haven’t heard of Rock n’ Roll Bride before, you’ve been missing out! So go take a look. Best of all, our shining moment has finally arrived – you can see our special feature here.

What else have we been up to? Well…our invitations arrived in the mail last week, Justin asked his gents to join his entourage, my girls’ dresses should be arriving any day now, shower dates and bachelorette party arrangements have been made, I’m working on finding the perfect shoes to go with my dress, and we’re finalizing our guest list. Just to name a few. Next, we need to get the honeymoon figured out, shop for wedding rings, and sort out at least several dozen more details for the wedding day. So much to do and just three more months to do it!

xo Alanna